Under the Surface


The sea is written in Honor Frost’s destiny right from the early years of her life. Born in Nicosia, in British Cyprus, in 1917 after her parents’ death, she is entrusted into the care of a guardian: Wilfred Ariel Evill, an English lawyer and art collector in London. Throughout her life she will always try to get back to her roots, to her “Mediterranean being”. Thanks to the studies at the Central School of London Honor comes into contact with the art world and becomes publishing director of the Tate Gallery. But soon her passion for the underwater world comes to life and her natural talent for drawing leads to her involvement in archaeological expeditions in the Mediterranean, far from London: Jordan (1957), Turkey, Lebanon, Malta and Alexandria in Egypt. In those years, Honor also starts to develop her deep technical reflections on underwater archaeological heritage, which later become the basis of her method included in her book: ‘Under the Mediterrenean’. In 1970 she is entrusted, with the direction of the most important excavation campaign of her life at Marsala in Sicily: bringing to light what will prove to be the only example of a Punic war ship, sunk in the Battle of the Aegadian Islands in 241 B.C. by the Roman fleet. The excavation lasts eight years, supported by an international team of marine archaeologists. The documentary will portrait the life of Honor Frost, who despite not being an Academic soon became in the world of underwater archaeology dominated by men, one of the most representative of the Twentieth Century.

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