Tanos (2007)


Produced by: TALPA sas for DOC TRE | RAI 3
Director: Daniele Cini
Cinematography: Claudo Beiza, Massimiliano Torchia, Osvaldo Ponce, Mario Vasta
Sound: Martin Montrasi, Stefano Monaco, Tommaso Vinciguerra
Editing: Alessia Gervasi, Julia Salerno
Runtime: 100’ (two 50’ episodes)


The story and the collective memory of horror, told by those who have “come back to life”: the women who survived to not tell the tale before now; the girls who learned that they had been brought up by the killers of their real parents; the human remains that have come to light as accusations and evidence; the grandmothers who find the courage and reconnect with their grandchildren; the magistrates who finally convict the perpetrators; the scenes of the crimes now turned into museums that preserve the memory of the horror.

The new political phase in Argentina that followed, in the first-hand reports by Italian-Argentines (known as “tanos” there), in a lengthy criminal trial that took place in Italy, at a time when military officials could still not be tried in Argentina; a trial that gave the “tanos” fresh hope in justice and the power of memory.

Broadcasted by DOC TRE | RAI 3 in October 2007
Under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Directorate General of Italian Citizens Abroad and Migration Policies