Siracusa: The Isle in the Isle (2015)

by Daniele Cini and Claudia Pampinella
Directed by: Daniele Cini
Cinematography: Maurizio Felli
Editing: Maria Cristina Marra
Executive Producer: Claudia Pampinella
Runtime: 23’00’’
Broadcast: April 26, 2016, Geo Rai3


A journey to Syracuse, where the Greek presence can still be felt in the stones. From the Latomie quarries, where the people of Syracuse imprisoned their enemies and forced them to mine the limestone with which they constructed their city, to the striking Greek Theater, built in the 5th century B.C. in the “Neapolis” of Syracuse, and one of the world’s most important stages for classical tragedy. But Syracuse itself is like an open-air stage set, and the core of this living theater is the island of Ortigia, another gem of Baroque architecture set in Archimedes’ native city. One of Italy’s most beautiful cities, rediscovered along with its many players, genuine artisans fueled by passion, in a timeless setting.