Mugello: the Medici’s land (2017)

Documentary (24′:00”)

by Daniele Cini and Claudia Pampinella

Directed by: Daniele Cini

Cinematography: Fulvio Martinelli
Editing: Maria Cristina Marra
Executive Producer: Claudia Pampinella
Runtime: 24’:00’’
Broadcast: 19 March 2017 on Geo Rai 3


For most of us, the Mugello is, above all, a racetrack. But, if we leave the engines’ rumble behind, and we replace it with the rolling of a hunting carriage pulled by a pair of horses, a different landscape will open before our eyes, and it will, for each step, tell centuries of battles and human fatigue, but also of arts and crafts. It sinks its roots in the history of one of the most important Italian families of the XV and XVIII centuries: the Medici, who chose these territories as the privileged land of their residences.