Morocco: in the land of a thousand colors (2017)

by: Daniele Cini and Maurizio Felli
Directed by: Daniele Cini
Cinematography: Maurizio Felli
Editing: Maria Cristina Marra
Executive Producer: Claudia Pampinella
Runtime: 23’:08”
Broadcast: April, 5, 2017 on Geo Rai 3


If you are looking for a land exploding with colors, especially towards the end of the summer, Morocco offers encounters, crafts, landscapes that represent the entire palette of a painter. Our journey, starting from the red earth of Marrakech, goes through the light blue Talouine, ‘the country of safron’, arriving to the yellow dunes of the desert, reaching the green Atlas mountain of the Argan trees and ending on the white city of Essaouira, facing the Atlantic ocean.