Milan has an ancient heart (2017)


by Claudia Pampinella and Daniele Cini

Directed by: Claudia Pampinella
Cinematography: Maurizio Felli
Editing: Maria Cristina Marra

Executive Producer: Claudia Pampinella
Runtime: 23’:00’’
Broadcast: expected in Autumn 2017 on Geo Rai 3


Milan, the city of modernity, leader in style and in the most recent cultural and architectural trends in Europe, is a dizzying city for the rhythm it imposes and for the strictness and the elegance it expresses. But beyond this daunting Milan, there is a historical and secret city, almost intimate. It is a Milan that withholds the perfume of the past and its traditions holding tight to its tradition and the crafts of the old days. From the Cadorna square, where the huge modern sculpture stands, the needle and thread with knot, to celebrate the fashion soul of Milan and the industriousness of its people. The Sforzesco Castle, symbol of the city; the Cathedral and the Galleria; The Teatro alla Scala with its ancient Accademia; the San Lorenzo columns and the Navigli. A journey within the city who still has an ancient heart.