Gli eroi dei due mondi (2008)

Produced by: TALPA sas

Directed by Daniele Cini

Cinematography: Matias Musa, Osvaldo Ponce

Editing: Daniele Cini, Mario Chavarria

Runtime: 55’


The three great waves of Italian emigration to Argentina, from the late 19th century to after the Second World War, in the words of some of the key figures in the history of the country, all of Italian descent. Starting with the most famous of the “heroes of two worlds”, the all-Italian Garibaldi, the film moves on to tell the history of the Boca neighborhood, look at the origins of the tango and its first Italian “inventors”, and zero in on a cast of characters including the anarchist Severino di Giovanni, the actress Titta Merello, the businessman Agostino Rocca, the racing car driver Juan Manuel Fangio, the president of Argentina Arturo Frondizi, the soccer players Sivori, Maschiò and Angelillo – known in Argentina as the “caras sucias” (dirty faces) – and the musician Astor Piazzolla, wrapping up with the exiles during the dictatorship and the Italian-Argentines who lined up for a visa to Italy during the economic crisis of 2001.

Aired on La Storia siamo noi (RAI EDUCATIONAL) in the autumn of 2008.