Fuori Controllo | Out of Control (2015)

by: Daniele Cini and Claudia Pampinella
Directed by: Daniele Cini
Cinematography: Luigi Montebello
Editing: Maria Cristina Marra
Sound: Davide Pesola, Matteo Carnesecchi
Executive Producer: Claudia Pampinella
Runtime: 25′


Franca, Loretta, Catia, Enrico, Marina and Vanni all inhabit outsized bodies and suffer the social stigma being obese entails; and when they walk out of a room, a pungent odor lingers in the air. Every day, for thirty minutes a day, right after their meal they go out wearing sneakers and holding poles for Nordic walking. They walk through the Umbrian town and into the surrounding countryside. The inhabitants of Città della Pieve are used to these “plus-sized” figures and hardly even notice them anymore. On and on our team walks, faster and faster, rain or shine, just to see and smell nature and feel it on their skin: to feel alive, in a word. They all share a Binge eating disorder, which goes hand in hand with their obesity. But these six individuals decided to seek treatment, which is how they wound up at the Centro DAI in Città della Pieve in Umbria, the Ministry of Health’s pilot programme since 2008 and the first public health facility in Italy entirely dedicated to treating Binge eating disorder (BED in English, or DAI in Italian) and obesity. This is where the journey of Enrico, Marina, Vanni, Catia, Franca and Loretta began, out to reappropriate themselves.

It’s the same road that Chris, John, Anthony, Kevin, Marina and Roslyn have also started down, just a few weeks ago, at the new Kenn Ghal Sahhtek Centre for Eating Disorders in Malta, the facility that has ‘twinned’ with the Centro DAI di Città della Pieve and established a protocol for an ongoing collaboration. All the Maltese patients are grateful because they feel ‘taken care of’, and they are also determined to improve their wellbeing. They have never met their Italian friends, but as we see it, they are all – Italians and Maltese – united by the tenacious and strength of will they display, which is what it takes to meet life’s great challenges and overcome them.


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