Dal mio punto di vista (2009)

Produced by: TALPA sas

Directed, filmed and edited by: Daniele Cini

Runtime: 50’

On the occasion of his ninetieth birthday, Mario Bernardo, the cinematographer for many films by Pierpaolo Pasolini, Nelo Risi and Ugo Gregoretti – as well as documentary filmmaker, special effects technician, and teacher at the Centro Sperimentale – looks back over his intense existence and treats us to the unofficial version. A partisan fighter during the war, a film aficionado on a quest to find technical alternatives to the conventional solutions offered by the multinationals, he displays here all his dogged precision and the polemical vein that also served him well in his long teaching career.

Screened at the event “Il Centro Sperimentale” in Trento in February 2010