Amiata, the sleeping volcano (2016)

by Daniele Cini and Claudia Pampinella
Directed by: Daniele Cini
Cinematography: Maurizio Felli
Executive Producer: Claudia Pampinella


Midway between Tuscany and Lazio, there’s a mountain that is 1,478 metres high, with a view of all of Central Italy. It’s an extinguished volcano, its slopes inhabited ever since the Etruscans, and although it’s strategically located on the road to Rome, it’s backward today, like a sleeping giant. Mount Amiata, perennially covered by a mantle of green, the Amiata woods, also contains the largest beech wood In Europe. Here we let woodcutters, bakers and former miners be our guides to the domain of a volcano that is still very much alive.