Le vie del Tempo

Produced by: Talpa sas in collaboration with SD Cinematografica srl
Written by: Daniele Cini, with the collaboration of Claudia Pampinella
Directed by: Daniele Cini
Executive Producer: Claudia Pampinella
Runtime: Twelve 12’ episodes


All Roads Lead to Rome” is a project paved with traces of the past, monuments and ruins that speak of the legends, key events and major social transformations in Italy’s long history.

Ingenious public works, perennial channels of communications for many civilisations, the consular roads built by the ancient Romans represented exhausting physical labour for those who built them stone by stone, but also bloody battles for the control of the territory, waves of migration, pilgrimage routes, as well as the ideal network for trade, and for the contemplation of Italy’s astonishing physical beauty by legions of travellers.

These roads offer us a new way to tell the story of the Lazio region today.


Twelve consular roads for twelve territories in Lazio:
The Salaria, the great salt road
The Appian Way, the Queen of Roads
The Aurelia, the Etruscan road
The Tiburtina, the route for the seasonal migration of flocks and herds
The Flaminia and the Aemilia, the roads to the north
The Cassia, the Amerina and the Veientana the Francigene Way used by the pilgrims
The Casilina, the brigands’ road
The Prenestina, the monastery route
The Nomentana, the road of the Italian Unification
The Portuense, the fishermen’s road
The Ostiense and the Severiana, the roads to the sea
The Tuscolana, the road to the ‘Castelli romani’