Il Frate Barbone. L’Abbé Pierre


by Daniele Cini and Cristina Mantis
Produced by: Talpa sasa
Runtime: 90′


The extraordinary human adventure of Abbé Pierre, the French friar who devoted his whole life to being in the front line in the fight against poverty and discrimination. From joining the Capuchin order in Assisi and creating the first Emmaus community, to his starting a campaign to save the homeless from the elements back in the winter of ’54, and the spread of the Emmaus movement around the world. Its success involved a “homeless person” himself, George A., who found shelter in the community and reappropriated his dignity through sharing. It was a process that culminated in the construction of a wooden house by George A. and the other members of the community, a home for those, like George A. previously, who lack a roof over their heads.